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September 19, 2008

More! is less

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Tin hats on everyone, particularly if you work for More. This from Media Week:

Bauer Media’s weekly women’s magazine More is set to relaunch for the second time within a year in an attempt to reverse its plummeting circulation.

There are often very valid reasons to redesign and relaunch, but to do it twice within a year is really desperate stuff.  No More! ideas. No More! hope. No More! time.

Update 07/10/08 Ping! An email arrives from Chantelle Horton, the deputy editor of More

We thought you might like to know that far from being desperate or having ‘no more ideas’, the magazine changed last year because we entered a new market and became weekly. It was always our intention to do a content and design overhaul once we’d settled into the market and taken our existing readers along with us.

As I’m sure you’ll probably place this response up verbatim, you might want to post this up too: more! launched in 1988 as a fortnightly. It increased frequency to weekly in September 2007 and now sells over 700k copies per month based on its most recent (and first weekly) ABC of 162,544 per week JJ08

Touching though it is that Chantelle can spare time from her busy schedule to answer me yet not get Media Week to retract the ‘plummeting sales’ gag, one might have thought that this carefully considered “two relaunch” strategy (“it was always our intention” etc) could have been better publicised last year. For it to happen now either implies panic at falling sales (my contention) or a huge cock up with the original redesign (see Music Week). We’ll see which might be which in the next couple of ABC releases.

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