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October 29, 2008

Don’t panic! (29/10/08)

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There’s a chill wind blowing in from the West if the main stories on today’s Folio website are anything to go by: (more…)

October 27, 2008

Are you sure that’s wise Peter?

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There must be something in the air, because on top of the previous post comes this email from ‘notlongleft’:

The BBC are going to launch a WEEKLY sports magazine and Jamie Oliver to launch a monthly magazine.

Sport’s great for attracting readers – everyone wants to read about it, which is why newspapers all have big sports sections. Unfortunately no one ever wants to advertise in sports pages, so that may present just one or two small problems for the BBC as it has for everyone else who has ever tried to launch a general UK sport title (with the exception to date of the giveaway Sport weekly). Still, buoyed by the success of Lonely Planet they’ll be able to afford to keep the thing afloat for ages.

Are you sure that’s wise, ma’am?

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From the Press Gazette website:

A former editor of Cambridge University’s Varsity magazine has started a quarterly publication aimed at getting young people interested in politics.

Independently published Politick has been started by University of Bristol lecturer Laura-Jane Foley, who said she has come into contact with a lot of “politically disenchanted” young people.

The 68 page magazine has an initial distribution of 30,000 and goes on sale … on 6 November for £3.99.

If it makes it to issue 2 I’ll eat my mortar board; another future corpse to add to the pile that will include Tribune, Standpoint, Total Politics, Spectator Business and, if there’s any justice, New Statesman.

There’s also this launch:

Buck launches on 30 October offering lifetyle content, fashion, furniture and food for men aged 20 to 35. [Editor Steven] Doyle was inspired to start the magazine after living in Japan, where he was a fan of popular men’s style magazine “Men’s Non-no”.

Doyle has most recently worked as an executive at accountancy giant KPMG in the City.

He is funding the magazine from his own pocket with inherited money.

Let’s hope that the inheritance lasts longer than his magazine will.

October 23, 2008

Evaporating value

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Today’s FT: Valuations for media publisher Reed Business Information have fallen substantially amid the economic downturn and threaten to derail [the] sale. Third-round bidders are considering offers below £1bn ($1.63bn), against RBI’s initial valuation of about £1.25bn.

My original bid is still on the table, Crispin. You’ve got the email address.

October 21, 2008

Bona fides

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Sometimes, in those dark moments of personal doubt, Private Frazer thinks that perhaps the big nobs in publishing companies do know what they’re doing and widespread closures and redundancies in our industry will be avoided. Then he comes across examples of idiocy so perfect they become amost poetic. (more…)

October 17, 2008

Gone for a song

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Antiques Magazine, “the fortnightly guide to buying and selling art and antiques” seems to have gone south if their website is anything to go by…

October 15, 2008

Bona closure

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Monthly gay magazine AXM will cease print production and become an online only brand from next year.

So far, so humdrum, but there are a couple of breathtaking quotes further down the press release:

The title … is not ABC audited, but the publisher claims it has a circulation of more than 50,000.

At a cover price of over £3 the magazine is either: a) telling a bit of a fib; b) giving away most of its copies, or c) using very expensive ink.

“we feel the digital media format is very attractive to the demographic we’re reaching

The classic defence of the failed ink-on-paper publisher: “our market doesn’t read print, but they will read online”

Don’t panic! (15/10/08)

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Consumer magazine advertising pages were down 12.9 percent during the third quarter, according to Publishers Information Bureau figures released today. (From Folio🙂

Media facing ‘carnage’, warns Emily Bell (Media Guardian)

October 13, 2008

Don’t panic! (13/10/08)

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The IPA’s latest Bellwether survey has found that in Q3 annual marketing budgets were revised down to the greatest extent ever recorded in the survey’s nine year history. The cut was the fourth successive quarterly reduction in spend and points to a marked deterioration in business conditions since the summer

October 9, 2008

RB I can’t afford it

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From Tuesday’s FT

RBI sale appears uncertain.

The sale of media publisher Reed Business Information appeared uncertain on Tuesday amid difficulty in financing the deal.

Reed Elsevier originally offered so-called “staple” finance of $1.26bn (£685m) in three separate packages and on slightly different terms, from a consortium of seven banks led by UBS.

Staple financing is a pre-arranged package offered to potential bidders in an acquisition. The financing is arranged by the investment bank advising the selling company.

Two banks are questioning their ability to lend, according to people familiar with the situation. The lending banks include BNP Paribas, JPMorgan, Lloyds and Calyon.

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