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October 21, 2008

Bona fides

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Sometimes, in those dark moments of personal doubt, Private Frazer thinks that perhaps the big nobs in publishing companies do know what they’re doing and widespread closures and redundancies in our industry will be avoided. Then he comes across examples of idiocy so perfect they become amost poetic.The other day we made mention of the closure of AXM magazine and raised a sceptical eyebrow at its claimed 50,000 circulation. Pretty mundane stuff; a pebble against the window of the big house that is either ignored or causes half a moment of irritation to the occupants.

The post drew a response from ‘Asa’ who said “…I’m personally very excited about the new format. I’m 23 years old … I think it’s very brave of AXM to reach out to younger people … Thanks AXM for understanding what we need and want!”

I pinged ‘Asa’ an email back thanking him for his comment (we islanders are nothing if not polite) and his address sent this autoresponse:

Auto Reply from Tony Mason

Hello. If this is a personal matter, please e-mail me at …
Cheers, Tony

Tony Mason is listed on the contact page of Millivres (the publishers of AXM) as being head of marketing and magazine circulation. This means that either:

  1. Asa’s real name is Tony Mason. He is 23 years old and coincidentally shares the same name as AXM’s circulation manager
  2. Tony’s email has been hacked into by Asa
  3. Tony is as flaky as his circulation figures and a wee bit dim

Is there anyone out there who can enlighten me?

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