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October 27, 2008

Are you sure that’s wise, ma’am?

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From the Press Gazette website:

A former editor of Cambridge University’s Varsity magazine has started a quarterly publication aimed at getting young people interested in politics.

Independently published Politick has been started by University of Bristol lecturer Laura-Jane Foley, who said she has come into contact with a lot of “politically disenchanted” young people.

The 68 page magazine has an initial distribution of 30,000 and goes on sale … on 6 November for £3.99.

If it makes it to issue 2 I’ll eat my mortar board; another future corpse to add to the pile that will include Tribune, Standpoint, Total Politics, Spectator Business and, if there’s any justice, New Statesman.

There’s also this launch:

Buck launches on 30 October offering lifetyle content, fashion, furniture and food for men aged 20 to 35. [Editor Steven] Doyle was inspired to start the magazine after living in Japan, where he was a fan of popular men’s style magazine “Men’s Non-no”.

Doyle has most recently worked as an executive at accountancy giant KPMG in the City.

He is funding the magazine from his own pocket with inherited money.

Let’s hope that the inheritance lasts longer than his magazine will.


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  1. Tsk! Do these people know nothing.

    What 20somethng men REALLY want these days is a magazine about politics AND food. Perhaps some knitting patterns as well.

    Definitely no pictures of scantily clad women or content relating to sport or cars or gadgets or music or anything like that.

    Any city boy with a redundancy cheque they don’t know what to do with want to back me on this one? No?

    Comment by Not long left — October 27, 2008 @ 4:32 pm | Reply

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