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January 27, 2009

RBI’ll be off then

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Hot on the heels of the news of wage freezes and job cuts in the US arm of RBI this report from Press Gazette states that 35 of their UK staff are also being shown the exit.

Given the parlous state of the market and the fact that no one at Reed Elsevier actually wants to keep RBI going, these won’t be the last of the losses; more interesting than these little bits of pruning will be the titles that get closed down or which go web only.

Collectors of the genre will appreciate the corporate twaddlespeak of the company statement:

“While we regret the loss of any employee … these changes are guided by the long-term structural needs of our business and are also necessary for us to remain competitive in the face of an increasingly challenging marketplace.

“We will support impacted employees during the coming weeks as they pursue opportunities both inside and outside the company, providing them with … career transition assistance throughout their redundancy consultation periods.”

Impacted? Career transistion assistance? If this is the standard of writing that is allowed at Reed then the sooner all their titles are shut down the better for everyone.

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