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September 15, 2009

Man overboard!

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Now then, what’s this all about?

Jonathan Shephard, chief executive of the Periodical Publishers Association, has left the magazine industry trade body with immediate effect. [The Guardian]

Ill-informed speculation welcomed.

19:30 update: The following email dropped into Private Frazer’s inbox this afternoon…

Sent:15 September 2009 18:05:45
To: Private Frazer (

Re: Jonathan Shephard

Barely 18 months ago Shephard was appointed CEO of PPA, where one of his first moves was to ditch half a dozen PPA stalwarts and replace them with a number of his former cohort at the Independent Schools Council, including Sarah Tunstall, now rather shakily ensconced as PPA’s Chief Operating Officer. With Shephard on garden leave, Tunstall must be wondering how on earth she can distance herself from her erstwhile Svengali, a tricky call given that she followed Shephard from Newsquest to the ISC, then from ISC to PPA. What are the chances of her now following him from PPA to his vegetable plot?

Meanwhile, the PPA board must be wondering what the hell they can do with an organisation that is now better equipped to deal with the affairs of the independent school sector than it is with publishing.


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