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October 14, 2009

Clear as mud

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A lovely email from the fragrant Eric Verdon-Roe arrives in Private Frazer’s inbox:

Dear PPA member,

I am contacting you today in order that you are aware of a news story published in the print version of this week’s issue of Media Week, which stated that certain PPA members were to “sever ties” with the organisation. The story relates to ongoing negotiations PPA is conducting with APA and AOP.

The publication has since acknowledged that the story in print is incorrect […] Subsequent liaison … resulted in an amended version of the story being published online (…

Talks are progressing with both APA and AOP but the situation is not yet fully resolved. We will provide a full briefing at the earliest possible opportunity.

It seems a little over the top to feel you have email the entire PPA database to deny a story in a magazine that few of us bother to read, so let’s see what comes out in the next couple of weeks. Even with the PPA sanctioned amendments to the Media Week article it seems quite clear that AOP is seeking to distance itself from its host.  (“The two bodies are negotiating over plans for the AOP to have control over its own finances and corporate governance.”)

Given the PPA’s troubles, is this the AOP making sure it won’t get dragged down with the ink on paper guys?

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