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December 10, 2009

Down in one

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Theme magazine, the UBM title for the bar and restaurant industry, has called time after 15 years. No happy hour, no lock in – come on ladies and gentlemen, haven’t you got homes to go to?

Property Slump

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NCG Media have closed Your New Home magazine.¬† You’ve got to wonder how they managed to keep it going for quite this long and, given NCG’s portfolio of property and related titles, what will come next.

Passport expired

From our correspondent – two deaths in the emigration/immigration market:

(i) Consyl Publishing went into administration earlier this month. They published two newspapers for Australia & New Zealand and claimed: “The newspapers are produced in this country and are distributed all over the UK. Each month we have 5000 printed of each title, with 2000 of these going to individual addresses.”

This is somewhat at odds with information furnished by the liquidators, who say: “Further to our recent telephone conversations please be advised that from what I can tell there is 57 Names and addresses on the subscription list for the New Zealand Outlook and 110 Names and addresses on the subscription list for the Australian Outlook”

(ii) Emigrate Magazine – has sadly migrated to the hereafter after just 8 issues. ¬†Published by the Johnston Press (-¬£450,000,000 debt and counting)- its final issue contained a pyrrhic speech by editor Paul Beazley who celebrated its editorial integrity, but sadly not its complete absence of readers…

December 3, 2009

Wages of Sin

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CCH are closing Pay Magazine after this current issue.

Somewhat wonderfully, the cover feature of this final issue is entitled “A Festive End to 2009.” Irony is always that much more bittersweet when it’s unintended, don’t you think?

December 1, 2009

Dumb question

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Following on from last month’s post, Accolade Puzzles Ltd has gone into administration. Its mags: Jumbo Cross, Jumbo Cross Collection, Logical Challenge, Puzzle Monthly, Puzzle Monthly Collection, Tea Break Quickie Crosswords and Total Sudoko are reported to be ‘temporarily suspended’

Your starter for ten: how many of these magazines do you think will survive?

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