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February 25, 2010


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Total Telecom magazine has had problems with its coverage and has gone ‘digital only’.

February 17, 2010

Hard to swallow

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Actually, even Private Frazer didn’t think it would really happen, but Reader’s Digest UK has gone into administration.

Although this may allow RDA to offload its pension obligations to the Pensions Protection Fund, it isn’t actually clear that this will mean that the magazine continues. (more…)

February 11, 2010

Motor sports

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A bit more about the ABC figures when Private Frazer manages to download the full report, but a quick catch up on one of our favourite categories – Motoring – Performance

This time last year there was a lot of red ink, and it’s got worse! Somebody please put these titles out of our misery.

Fast Car (Future):

  • July-Dec 2007, circulation = 51,414
  • Jan-Dec 2008, circulation = 36,009
  • Jan-Dec 2009, circulation = 26,120. That’s 49% down in two years

Redline (Future):

  • July-Dec 2007, circulation = 24,272
  • Jan-Dec 2008, circulation = 19,297
  • Jan-Dec 2009, circulation = 13,171, that’s45% lower

Maxpower (Bauer):

  • Jan-Dec 2007, circulation = 45,806
  • Jan-Dec 2008, circulation = 30,076
  • Jan-Dec 2009, circulation = 20,589, that’s 55% lower

February 9, 2010

Only six months to go…

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The headline the Advertising Association want you to notice is:

AA/Warc predict the ad recession to end by Autumn 2010

  1. But as usual, the devil is in the detail; and what a great, big, evil-smelling devil this is. A few snippets: (more…)


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Document Snowboard magazine has suffered a total wipeout.

February 8, 2010

You slaaag

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It’s with a heavy heart that Private Frazer informs you of the death of Global Slag magazine.  Even a TV appearance couldn’t save them from the structural failings of publishing a controlled circulation magazine:

In October 2006, Global Slag Magazine was featured as the guest publication on the BBC’s ‘Have I got news for you’.

February 2, 2010


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Stand back, ladies and gentlemen, and see if the once great Reader’s Digest crashes and burns.

The US-based company has been in Chapter 11 (protection from being wound up while restructuring) since August, and were expected to emerge, butterfly-like, in the next couple of days.

However, as The Guardian and others report:

The magazine’s US parent company… said UK regulators had not approved a rescue plan to resolve “a …significant unfunded liability within its UK pension scheme.  In light of this …  RDA … notes that unless the pension deficit issue is resolved it will no longer be able to support the UK business indefinitely”

While much of this is the accountants’ version of brinkmanship, it’s not inconceivable (though improbable) that the UK arm would go into administration and be reborn as some other entity. The only people to suffer would be the employees and the pensioners, so no worries there really.

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