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November 30, 2010

Vacant plots

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Centaur have announced the closure of Public Sector Building magazine. It blames the government’s public sector cuts, rather than the fact it was an advertising-unsupported, controlled circulation, money pit.

November 12, 2010

Powering Down

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Ping! Ping! Two separate emails arrive at the bothy to announce the closure of Bauer’s Max Power magazine.

In the far off days of 2005 the magazine used to sell 200,000 copies – it’s final ABC was barely over 20,000. Even given the state of the industry recently this is a Hall of Fame level decline.

And if Max Power has gone can Redline and Fast Car be far behind? Or have they closed already and nobody noticed?

November 9, 2010

Cre8ing problems

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An old friend returns with the news that the current incarnation of Cre8 is in dispute with Celtic and Rangers over unpaid royalties. The story is on the Grauniad’s site

A previous version of the company slipped away last year, leaving an interesting – and substantial – selection of unpaid debts, but managing to move lucrative contracts across to the new entity before going into voluntary liquidation. Fortunate eh? As they say on their website:

At Cre8 … we throw away the rule books and Cre8 our own.

November 8, 2010

Dead punks

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JF Media the company behind Golf Punk and Football Punk has folded, leaving behind unpaid contributors, unpaid staff and unhappy subscribers.

More details of the company’s shoddy behaviour can be read on the Sports Journalists Association site here. My favourite paragraph is the one that comes after the company’s bullish statements about expansion:

It appears to have made little difference to the fundamental problems facing the company, of failing to produce magazines and not generating enough advertising or other revenue to pay its contributors.

Producing magazines and generating revenue – they are right up there in the ‘required’ category aren’t they.

[hat tip to the improbably named Braveheart187]

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