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January 31, 2011

Number’s Up

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MyHobbyStore just can’t get the numbers to add up on Total Sudoku & Sudoku Pro and are saying ‘sayonara’.

Really Real Business

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The chill winds of ‘recession’ continue to blow an icy blast up the kilts of B2B publishers. Latest to have their extremities drop off is Caspian Publishing, whose Real Business magazine is now a wee bit less real than it was. In an email to subscribers they say

Real Business will now be digitally driven. While we will no longer be producing the monthly print title in its original format, we will be sending out special issues of the magazine to support our digital initiatives.

Irony lovers might enjoy the second string story on their website: Private Sector Job Vacancies Boom, but the more telling piece is probably their fourth lead: Bosses need more freedom to hire and fire.

January 28, 2011

Deckchair Rearrangement Facilitator Needed

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FHM editor Colin Kennedy has left the title “to pursue consulting opportunities” (and hands up those of you who believe this) ahead of a revamp of the magazine. His departure comes less than two years after he joined the title from Empire.

FHM’s most recent ABC figure, for the first half of 2010, was down 16.7% on the previous six months and 18.1% year on year to 192,586. New ABCs are due out in a week or so – bets are being taken about how much more the circulation has dropped, and if Bauer will blame the weather.

The Media360 Blog has an interesting email from someone at Bauer saying of FHM “They’ve got no editor, deputy editor, fashion editor, website editor or deputy production editor now and their full time production editor is away working on Gazetta.”

January 24, 2011

Crash Landing

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Key Publishing’s Today’s Pilot has been sold to Archant, who have folded it into Pilot magazine.

January 21, 2011

Scots Missed

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The “must read business magazine for Scotland” obviously wasn’t, as Trinity Mirror have announced the closure of the print edition of Business7 magazine.

January 19, 2011

Oh Sugar

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Private Frazer was beginning to think that publishers had forgotten how to close failing magazines such has been the dearth of deaths in the new year. Perhaps it meant that all of our problems were over and 2011 would lead onto the bright sunlit uplands of increasing sales, buoyant advertising and extra staff hirings?

Yeah, right.

So hats off to Hachette for starting the year as we all know it will really continue and bringing down the curtain on Sugar. According to the ABC figures in this Press Gazette report, the title managed to lose over 300,000 copy sales during the last decade, which is a stand out performance in anyone’s book.

In announcing the axe the publisher makes much of the ‘digital platform’ (or ‘website’ to use the old-fashioned, and more correct, term) and says that it now has more than 430K unique users each month. Great, until you realise that this is the number of copies of the magazine that people used to buy.


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