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February 18, 2011

ABC 3 – Bauer don’t know jack

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Gulp. Even for a schadenfreude junkie like myself, the Bauer figures make grim reading.

Of 44 comparable reports, 39 titles had ABC falls. 39! Whole swathes of Finland have been saved deforestation with this performance.

The truly great result here (as it has been so often in the recent past) is that of Zoo, its ABC dropping 32.8% to 68,610. Let’s take a moment here to enjoy that, as it would seem likely that there won’t be too many more returns that will be made for this title. As an aside, Zoo now has a lower circulation than The Spectator (which itself continues to lose sales), proving that ‘boring’ is more resilient than ‘juvenile’. In comparison, FHM (can we start to refer to it as ‘beleaguered’?) could only manage a 23.3% drop.

Other big fallers included Parkers, a drop correlated to sales if sheepskin coats to blokes called John, and Match, managing to lose all the sales and more it put on when IPC closed Shoot.

Perhaps of most concern to suits will be the 19.3% drop for Heat, a result that brings great sadness to fans of intrusive photography, character assassination and charmless comment, but which should be a cause of celebration for the rest of us.


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