Private Frazer’s Doomed Magazines

February 28, 2011

The Sky is falling in

Oh dear, how is the PPA going to be able to spin the next set of ABC results?

This time round they used the free circulations of customer magazines to claim “continued growth in the demand for magazines”, even though the demand for magazines that people actually buy continues to decline precipitously.

This morning’s news is that Sky is to axe Sky Sports Magazine and Sky Movies Magazine (with a combined circulation of nearly eight million copies) and reduce the frequency of Sky magazine (ABC of 7.3 million) from monthly to quarterly.

BrandRepublic say that Sky intends to replace the lost print issue with a new weekly email.

What a difference two weeks make:

17/02/2011 Barry McIlheney, CEO of the PPA : “These very positive ABC results are further evidence of the continued strength of the medium of magazines.”

28/02/2011 A Sky source called the move [to a weekly digital edition] a “more efficient way to stay in touch with Sky homes”, and said digital communication “offers more immediacy, engagement and interaction [than a magazine]”.

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