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February 29, 2012

Leeders’ Swansong

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According to the Grauniad, The Leeds Guide – the city’s ‘what’s on’ magazine – has folded after 15 years.

Leeds Guide Ltd also produced Plush, for ‘affluent, sophisticated and stylish, high spending individuals’ in Harrogate. Either nowt much goes on in Harrogate, or this too has been terminated as the last ‘editor’s letter’ on the website is dated 17 November.


February 22, 2012

Glass half empty

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Time gentlemen please!  After 140 years the Brewers Guardian is abandoning its print edition to go online-only.


February 20, 2012

We’re saved! (correction)

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A small aside: last month Future made a big song and dance about having generated 75,000 subscriptions from the Apple newsstand.

The current ABC figures show a net drop of over 100,000 on their print editions in the past year. That’s 100,000 per issue, so call that in excess of 1 million single copies over a full year’s distribution.

Downhill nearly all the way

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Private Frazer was away last week, knocking over wee bairns on the slopes around the pretty Austrian village of Schadenfreude, so missed the publication of the latest ABC figures.

It seems that as I sipped the gluhwein, the UK publishing industry has been experiencing black runs of its own, with descents so precipitous they would make Franz Klammer blanch.

There are stand out performances across the board, and it seems almost unfair to single out individual companies. Almost.


February 19, 2012

It’s Quiz Time!

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Q: What do Practical Fishkeeping and Model Rail magazines have in common?

A: They are the only two – the only two – of Bauer’s whole portfolio to show any ABC growth in the last period. So that’s 43 fallers and 2 risers (by 611 and 537 copies respectively.)

More ABC-based fun during next week readers!

February 10, 2012

The Undead Walk

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Passing over to the other side is Haunted magazine who have announced the suspension of their print edition to be replaced by a digital-only version.

Wait! A message is coming through to me from my spirit guide…“it won’t work. They’re doooooomed”.

February 8, 2012

The Week’s news

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An announcement on which could have interesting repercussions – Dennis is a significant-sized, privately-owned company and any threat to the long-term health of its owner has to put a question mark over the long term health of the business itself. (Although Private Frazer sincerely hopes that Felix will continue to be publishing’s thorn in the side and pain in the backside for quite a while yet.)

Felix has been diagnosed with cancer of the pharynx (throat). Following surgery in an Oxford hospital yesterday, all being well, he should be discharged from hospital within 10 days.

Following a month’s convalescence, Felix will begin a course of further treatment lasting several months. His chances of a full recovery are good.

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