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July 30, 2012

Worm Food

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To everything there is a season, but don’t expect Garden Retail to be popping up next spring from the hole that Haymarket have just dug for it; that isn’t deep planting, it’s a burial.


July 26, 2012

One Down

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MyHobbyStore have inked in the last square on Jumbo Cross, the magazine “packed with giant crosswords”. The final issue was completed at the end of May.

Today’s clue: Me do OD? (anag)

July 6, 2012

Dangerous Structure

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I hadn’t thought that there was much print product left for Centaur to close, but they have unbolted The Engineer magazine – next week’s issue will be the last.

As this email to the staff demonstrates, corporate bollocks is a finely developed skill in Poland Street, honed from years of practise of closing magazines. For connoisseurs of the genre, there are some particularly decent examples here, engaged with the brand, exciting times ahead, focused and that old favourite much better experience, but for connoisseurs of cynicism, the last line of the memo is truly world-class. Don’t worry about the magazine shutting down – just make sure you flog those ads!

As discussed, the final issue of The Engineer magazine will close .. on … 12th July and after that point we will be solely focused on growing our events and online products. The majority of our readers now either use both print and online, or online only. …. We’re doing this in the knowledge that we can give all those in the industry who are engaged with our brand a much better experience via the very successful online parts of The Engineer. …
There are exciting times ahead and we are looking forward to the Engineer Awards in March …
We are however inviting advertisers to use the final edition to advertise, knowing that this final issue will get a lot of extra attention!

July 5, 2012

Under the harrow

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Stuck in a ditch at the back end of the field is Vintage Tractor and Countryside Heritage magazine. Despite relaunching in January it has announced that its current issue will be the last.

The magazine was aimed at “those who love the disappearing country ways”. Such as publishing specialist magazines that people wanted to buy.


July 4, 2012

Ctrl Alt Del

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Private Frazer’s Law of computing magazines states that every eighteen months there will be half the number of titles that existed previously and that each will carry half the number of ad pages.

Further vindication of this rule is the demise of PC Utilities magazine. Their website summarises the problems for the whole category:

Over the last few years, there has been a significant decline in demand for printed monthly computer titles …. Whilst we have explored every avenue to keep the title running, recent store closures and low sales figures have meant it is no longer financially sustainable.

Now they’ve turned it off, perhaps they could turn it back on again and see if it works?

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