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October 26, 2012

Past the sell-by date

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Ping! An email from an anonymous source suggests that Signature Publishing’s Fabulous Food has been axed; the Christmas issue will be the last.

We may be entering publishers’ traditional killing time – as the end of year issues are put off to bed, the titles are put out to grass. Keep your eyes peeled.

Done down, Down Under

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The Week Australia’s ‘period of consultation‘ was not as long as it could (or should) have been as the company went into voluntary liquidation on 17 October.

The title has simply stopped publishing.

There is no news as to whether staff will get proper redundancy or a statutory minimum, whether customers will get any refunds on what remains of their subscriptions or what creditors will receive. The cynical might think that this was a shoddy move to reduce the amount that the company needs to pay out to wind up its failed Australian business.

At the beginning of the month Dennis Publishing announced that its profits had risen 14% to £4.1m

Felix Dennis’s personal wealth is estimated at £500m


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