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December 18, 2012

Out of Puff

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Puffin Post, the bi-monthly book magazine for children has squawked its last.

The title was originally killed off in 1982, but revived by book discounters The Book People when they licensed the Puffin brand from Penguin Books in 2009.

The Guardian piece about Puffin Post‘s demise contains a quote about why it won’t have a second rebirth,  “Puffin Post is a really expensive way of getting to consumers, and you don’t need it if you’ve got a lot of online support.

Print that quote off and stick it on a wall. It’s what your advertisers are thinking about your magazine.

Darkness Falls

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A correspondent emails Seymour Distribution‘s latest newsstand market trends and we may have to redefine the word ‘grim’ to encompass just how shitty things are in magazine retail.

Put it this way, next week’s Mayan apocalypse will seem like relatively good news for most people working in circulation.

The overall quarter 3 figures were 10.8% down on the same period last year, which was over 9% down on the year before, which was 10% down on the year before that. That means newsstand sales are over 25% down on three years ago.

However much publishers spin their digital sales growth, this is a big, dark hole that is not being filled.

Merry Christmas!

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