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September 26, 2013


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After 280 years as an ink on paper product, Lloyd’s List is weighing anchor as a newspaper and sailing into the sunset, and will become ‘digital only’ from 20 December.

At Lloyd’s  when there’s bad news to be announced they ring the Lutine Bell.

Publishers: it tolls for thee.

September 6, 2013

Not at your service

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However bloody the redundancies at Future, at least they are giving staff notice that they’re facing the bullet.

The same can’t be said of the publishers of Public Servant magazine, whose 180 staff found out that their jobs had gone when the administrators turned up. As this was the day before pay day, no one got their wages.

One employee … said: “Some of us knew the company was in trouble. It’s always a giveaway when you can’t order stationery without the direct permission of management.”


[h/t to Press Gazette]

September 5, 2013

Spin on that

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And another B2B controlled circulation title creaks and falls with the news that PRWeek is now no longer weekly.

Of course, as this is a magazine for flacks you expect a positive spin to be put on things, which is why this isn’t a diminution but a “landmark relaunch”.  So what radical editorial departures can we expect from the new version of the title?

The monthly magazine will offer in-depth features, expert opinion and authoritative analysis covering everything from big business issues to the minutiae of life in the comms industry. There will also be coverage of the lighter side of PR along with creative inspiration and even an agony uncle.

A PR agony uncle! I have a question:

Dear Uncle Rupert, my media company is heavily in debt and the circulation of all my products continues to fall. How can I put the reverses that the business continues to face in the best possible light without being accused of actually lying?

July 2, 2013

Given the boot

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According to FeaturesExec, RAS Publishing have closed Fashion Extras magazine (formerly Footwear and Fashion Extras)

Because print is so last year dahling.

April 16, 2013

There’s no art to find

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ArtsProfessional, the magazine of news, information and features about management, development and administration of the arts has gone digital only with no paywall and no subscription, and funded entirely by advertising.

They say “[T]he rapid trend towards digital consumption, the 24-hour online news culture, the sharp contraction of the cultural sector …, the squeezing of arts organisations’ budgets … and the rising costs of print and postage have conspired against the economics of print publishing.”

Private Frazer has a couple of other appropriate quotes: “Making money is art.” (Andy Warhol); “Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.” (Picasso)

April 12, 2013

Less Ink on Less Paper

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News from Hammersmith as Haymarket offload Nursery World and Printweek to the Mark Allen Group. The value of the sale (which will be of interest to Haymarket debt watchers), is not mentioned.

Printweek will be relaunched as a fortnightly. (Presumably called Print2weeks)

Jane Macken, md of Haymarket Business Media is quoted as saying, “The sale of the titles allows HBM to concentrate on its core markets in line with the company’s group growth strategy.

That’s growth as in “growth (sic)”.


h/t to Mr X (I suspect that’s not his real name)


February 26, 2013

Absolute Pants

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After 21 years the bottom has fallen out of the market for Lingerie Buyer, the magazine for everyone “trying to find out what is happening in the intimate apparel industry“.

As Private Frazer remains utterly ignorant of what’s happening in his own underwear, he is not likely to feel this loss of broader industry knowledge too keenly.

January 22, 2013

Marketing Weakly

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Like the demise of Blockbuster, the surprise with the news that Marketing is likely to go monthly is more in the fact that it hadn’t closed years ago.

That a weekly controlled circulation title has survived this far into the decade deserves some sort of award, but at least we will now all be spared dozens of poly wrapped magazines clogging up the post room because they are addressed to people who left the company years previously.

Haymarket have not yet confirmed that Marketing will change frequency, but if by the end of 2013 either it or Centaur’s Marketing Week are still publishing every week, I’ll eat my sporran. The bigger question really is whether they will still be publishing at all.

January 15, 2013

Qube Flattened

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To complete this week’s hat trick of print titles going ‘digital only’, Qube magazine – “proud to service the Facilities Management sector” (no, me neither) – has announced that its December issue was the last in the old, boring, fuddy-duddy ink on paper format.

It is venturing boldly into the future: “we are concentrating on our digital magazine and online presence that will give us more 21st century appeal and abilities”.




[h/t to Norman for the link]

January 5, 2013

Press Passed

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After just one edition, the quarterly print version of Press Gazette has been axed by Mike ‘Chuckles’ Danson. Back in May last year the publication announced that it was closing the weekly print magazine but would continue as a monthly and then, before the echo of the announcement had even died away, canned the monthly version in favour of a quarterly. Private Frazer described this as the new model for the death of print – not the guillotine, but the thousand little cuts.

Editor Dominic Ponsford writes about the latest decision:

In common with other B2B titles…, we have increasingly found … that readers want to access Press Gazette’s news and analysis digitally…While the production of a quarterly journal made great sense journalistically, the commercial case did not pan out as well as we had hoped.

Translation: no one wanted to buy the print edition and no one wanted to advertise in it.

In the Grauniad’s piece about the closure, Dominic is a wee bit more forthcoming:

Persuading journalists to pay a premium price for a print product is tough in a market like ours, which is saturated with free information. 

That ‘premium price’ mentioned was under £5 an issue.

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