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September 7, 2009

Axer axed

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After 25 years and being the hatchet man for 20% of the workforce, it must rankle to be pushed out of the door as an ‘overhead burden‘. I wonder if Simon Middleboe will use this endorsement on his c.v.?

And after their great performance with Incisive and EMAP, I wonder if there are any people over at Apax who are also new on the jobs market?

June 25, 2009


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Interesting times over at Greater London House.

First Apax partners, who bought the B2B side of EMAP with the Guardian after the consumer divisions got sold off to Bauer, wrote down its investment in the company to zero.

Then Neil Bradford, co-chief executive of Emap Data and Insight, left the company suddenly.

And now EMAP Inform (the ink on paper bit) announces another 35 job losses.  40 jobs went at the end of last year, so the two rounds of redundancies will mean that the group has got rid of around 20% of its workforce in the past nine months.

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