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January 28, 2014

End of the Road

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Dudes, Private Frazer has been hangin’ ten so missed the announcement that The Surfer’s Path bowed out with its hundredth issue at the end of December.

From Wikipedia (so it must be true) “the magazine [was] a bit of an anomaly in the surf-publishing world… low-key and philosophical” so┬ápresumably everyone is pretty chilled about its demise.

Old Tommy Gray said “Paths of glory lead but to the grave“, but I prefer the Surfari’s version “ha ha ha ha ha, wipe out.”

May 1, 2013

Getting Less Cooler

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A chill wind blows along the corridors of Factory Media’s offices as the decision is taken to reduce the publishing frequency of Cooler magazine to just two per year.

But as usual, as the attached letter to subscribers shows, this is not a retreat, but a victory!

If magazine publishing continues to have triumphs such as this, by the end of the decade only one edition of one magazine will be published – but it will be the best thing in the whole wide world.


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