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January 17, 2014

Apps Stalling

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No chance of anything in this year’s “I Didn’t See That Coming” awards for Apps magazine as it goes digital-only.

What’s more surprising is that Imagine thought that print was the right medium for this content in the first place. It reminds Private Frazer of the story about a publisher at Conde Nast; when she finally consented to have an email address she asked her PA to get a batch of announcement cards printed and mailed to her contacts.

It’s also a good excuse to link to the video of failed ‘apps’ puns from The Apprentice.

October 29, 2012

Drawing its last

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Imagine Publishing’s Fantasy Artist appears to have been rubbed out.

The magazine which started out as Corel Painter and later Digital Artist was only rebranded and relaunched as Fantasy Artist six months ago.

Judging by comments on the magazine’s forum page however, the change of emphasis doesn’t seem to have been greeted that enthusiastically. In fact, Imagine seems to have pulled off the happy trick of alienating current readers without attracting a new audience.

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