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February 6, 2014

Oh Deere

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It looks like the wheel’s come off Old Tractor magazine. A charming email from Steve Wright the CEO of Kelsey (that’s how you do it Mark; why do you never write?) informs Private Frazer that the current issue will be the last and the title will be folded back into Tractor & Machinery.

Mr Wright also assures us all that Stationary Engine is in rude health and he reckons it’s possibly more profitable than Marie Claire. Old, creaky and consuming large amounts of energy while not moving at all, Marie Claire is published by IPC.

February 3, 2014

End of the World

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Kelsey Publishing are saying Tata to Land Rover World as its being broken up for parts with immediate effect; the current issue will be the last.

Rumours abound on other Kelsey titles being eyed for closure (and anyone with any info on these should contact the usual address), but as long as Stationary Engine continues to be produced, Private Frazer will be happy.

November 11, 2013

Restricted Growth

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As Winter starts encroaching onto Autumn, there’s nothing Private Frazer likes better than pottering around the garden here at Dunprintin deciding what might grow back in the Spring and what should be uprooted.

A similar experience seems to have taken place at Kelsey Publishing (publishers of those hardy perennials Practical Sheep, Goats & Alpacas and Stationary Engine) as Grow It! magazine is being left to rot on the compost heap of history.

In fact, the magazine may not be the only thing at Kelsey to be pulled out and cast aside as there are rumours of a wee reshuffle among senior management. Any firm news on this to the usual address.

August 7, 2009

Titles you’d forgotten existed, part 2

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An email trundles through cyberspace to bring news of (BBC) Good Homes magazine.

The title was ‘sold’ to Kelsey Publishing earlier this year along with a handful of  staff to oversee three changeover issues. It now sits alongside Private Frazer’s favourites, “The Stationary Engine” and “Practical Reptile Keeping”. (more…)

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