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January 5, 2013

Press Passed

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After just one edition, the quarterly print version of Press Gazette has been axed by Mike ‘Chuckles’ Danson. Back in May last year the publication announced that it was closing the weekly print magazine but would continue as a monthly and then, before the echo of the announcement had even died away, canned the monthly version in favour of a quarterly. Private Frazer described this as the new model for the death of print – not the guillotine, but the thousand little cuts.

Editor Dominic Ponsford writes about the latest decision:

In common with other B2B titles…, we have increasingly found … that readers want to access Press Gazette’s news and analysis digitally…While the production of a quarterly journal made great sense journalistically, the commercial case did not pan out as well as we had hoped.

Translation: no one wanted to buy the print edition and no one wanted to advertise in it.

In the Grauniad’s piece about the closure, Dominic is a wee bit more forthcoming:

Persuading journalists to pay a premium price for a print product is tough in a market like ours, which is saturated with free information. 

That ‘premium price’ mentioned was under £5 an issue.

May 30, 2012

Hold the front page

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With the classic distraction technique beloved of magicians and publishing companies who are closing down print products, Press Gazette trumpets its new weekly email edition (sorry, “weekly magazine”. Sorry, “weekly digital edition”).

It’s only as you read down that you realise that the monthly print version is no more:

Following the launch of the weekly edition, the print title is to become a quarterly “review” style publication.

This is the new model for the death of print – not the guillotine, but the thousand little cuts.

1:00pm update

The move to quarterly publication seems to have been a rather sudden innovation. Three weeks ago Dominic Ponsford wrote this:

While Press Gazette Journalism Weekly will be largely news-based – Press Gazette’s monthly print edition will remain the place for anyone seriously interested in journalism to read the best exclusive features, investigations, insight and analysis about our industry.

April 6, 2009

Stop the Press

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Wilmington have announced that the print edition of Press Gazette is to close. Bought as a weekly, they’d relaunched it as a monthly magazine, but, even with a full time staff of only three reporters, couldn’t make it viable. Coming hot on the heels of the closure of Printing World it goes to show that making money out of writing about any bits of old media is becoming increasingly difficult.

August 6, 2008

Now you know it’s serious

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Press Gazette owner mulls online-only future

8 August update: Press Gazette to relaunch as monthly magazine – which really is just one step away from total shutdown

And a wee bit from 11/08/08 Media Guardian: “There’s a whiff of death about an industry that can’t even sustain its own trade magazine.”

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