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November 9, 2010

Cre8ing problems

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An old friend returns with the news that the current incarnation of Cre8 is in dispute with Celtic and Rangers over unpaid royalties. The story is on the Grauniad’s site

A previous version of the company slipped away last year, leaving an interesting – and substantial – selection of unpaid debts, but managing to move lucrative contracts across to the new entity before going into voluntary liquidation. Fortunate eh? As they say on their website:

At Cre8 … we throw away the rule books and Cre8 our own.

July 9, 2009

Cre8 tive acccounting

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09/11/10 More news on the rather suspcious Cre8 here

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Cre8, the publisher of various football magazines including Arsenal, Tottenham, Celtic, Rangers and QPR has gone into voluntary liquidation.

The situation is a little uncertain, but seems linked to the company’s recent involvement with a hotel in Peterborough.  The fact that it’s a voluntary liquidation raises the possibility of a phoenix operation with some of the more profitable assets being bought and reborn by the owners. (more…)

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