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March 29, 2011

Computer Weakly

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More death at RBI as they offload Computer Weekly and MicroScope to TechTarget – who promptly announce the closure of the print editions. Another couple of B2B controlled circulation titles bite the dust and yet more free desks at Quadrant House.

November 11, 2009

Whisky? Check. Loaded revolver? Check.

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Just when you thought that RBI were getting dull again, up pops this from Press Gazette:

Ian Smith, the chief executive of business publisher Reed Elsevier, has resigned with immediate effect after little more than eight months in the post.

Reed Elsevier announced that Smith resigned “with mutual agreement” and has stepped down today from the company’s board.

Elsevier chief executive Erik Engstrom has been appointed as his replacement.

A company spokesman told Reuters that Smith had been the wrong man for the current economic climate.  “Ian and the board decided it wasn’t the right role for him in the current economic circumstances… There is no disagreement on strategy.” [my emphasis]

I love it when everyone agrees about everything, don’t you?

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