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March 4, 2011

Curious Business

Although wrong about the closure of The Publican (UBM sold it to William Reed and took a £19m bath), Private Frazer’s source for the closure of Growing Business seems to have been much closer to the mark.

The last issue of the magazine was before Christmas and the website homepage has removed reference to the print version. A definitive response has not yet been forthcoming from yon wee fowk at Crimson.

Also missing from their website is the Spectator Business magazine. Last August the title announced that, under its new editor Tom “sue me” Rubython, it was going to increase its frequency to monthly and available on newsstands.

No evidence exists of this happening and young Tam is listed as the ‘former editor’ of the magazine on this website. Private Frazer suspects that the magazine has now been buried on the quiet, presumably to spare the blushes of its Chief Executive (and skilled magazine closer), wee Andy Neil.

April 9, 2009

Easter surprise

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Spectator Business cuts schedule from monthly to quarterly

Another storming success from Wee Andy Neil, a little over a year since the closure of The Business magazine, which was a little over a year since the closure of The Business newspaper. And isn’t it funny how this piece of news slips out just before a four day holiday?

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