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April 4, 2011

Time Gentlemen Please

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So, The Publican wasn’t saved by William Reed when they bought it from UBM, they acquired it to close it. From 7 April the title will be ‘merged’ with Reed’s Morning Advertiser both in print and digitally.

In the regulation piece of corporate pifflespeak, Tim Brooke-Webb, from William Reed, says: “We believe the merger of Morning Advertiser and The Publican is fantastic news for our readers and commercial partners.” Though not, he should have added, for the staff.

Come on now gentlemen, haven’t you got homes to go to?

12 April update. This image wings its way across from UBM. The glass is definitely half empty…

A poignant image from UBM Towers

April 22, 2008

Smaller slice of pie

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William Reed has merged (i.e. closed) Bake & Take with British Baker

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