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April 15, 2011

The numbers just don’t add up

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An announcement on “The last print edition of Accountancy Age will be published on 21st April.”

The big B2B clear out of 2008/2009 saw off a lot of dross – the controlled-circ, content-free magazines that existed only to gull advertisers – but we’re now seeing something more significant. The last months have had major titles pull the plug on their ink on paper editions; it’s not the time to have printing contracts with B2B weeklies.

April 12, 2011

Die another day

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Private Frazer was less than impressed with the life chances of Eulogy magazine when it launched last year, and it seems that the market was similarly sceptical.

But, Lazarus-like, they’re having another go, with “new web, editorial and creative teams…new website and masthead, new commercial partners” and, would you credit it, “exciting new plans” which “herald significant changes to Eulogy’s business model and editorial approach”. I bet they do.

Everything changes, but the magazine’s chances stay the same.

April 4, 2011

Time Gentlemen Please

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So, The Publican wasn’t saved by William Reed when they bought it from UBM, they acquired it to close it. From 7 April the title will be ‘merged’ with Reed’s Morning Advertiser both in print and digitally.

In the regulation piece of corporate pifflespeak, Tim Brooke-Webb, from William Reed, says: “We believe the merger of Morning Advertiser and The Publican is fantastic news for our readers and commercial partners.” Though not, he should have added, for the staff.

Come on now gentlemen, haven’t you got homes to go to?

12 April update. This image wings its way across from UBM. The glass is definitely half empty…

A poignant image from UBM Towers

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